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Ringwood Belles

January 01, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Ringwood Belles.jpg


A charity calendar know as 'The Ringwood Belles' has raised almost £3,000 in two months for two charities, Cancer Research UK & Help for Heroes!

The idea came from Sarah Williams and Debee Dean, are both locals of 'The London Tavern' and who feel very passionately about raising awareness and money for these two charities.

The woman who very bravely posed for the calendar and everyone involved in the project, did not hesitate to offer their free time and professionalism to be part of the fundraising idea.  But the calendar would not have been a success without the immense support and bravery of the woman, all locals of the Tavern, who volunteered to be in the 2018 calendar now know as 'The Ringwood Belles'.  Carole Corica, Caroline Kane-Richardson, Denise Hield, Eileen Norton, Lucie Seymour-Keith, Mandy Frost Bernadine Kuropka, Rachel Hetherington, Jan Welsh & Harriet Rodger.  Roly Frost, landlord at the Tavern has also given a great deal of support to this cause and appears rather cheekily in the December photo!

Ringwood Belles, Rachel Hetherington, who features as Miss February in the Ringwood Belles calendar, is a breast cancer survivor.  At the age of 37, with two young children, she began a long and painful fight against this disease.  Enduring chemotherapy, radiotherapy and resulting in a double mastectomy.  Rachel's story is truly inspirational, showing courage and strength when her life was full of darkness.  She has always been very open about her fight against Cancer because she feels very passionate about helping others who are going through the same thing.

Help for Heroes is a British charity launched on 1 October 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and  woman who have been  wounded or injured in the line of duty. 

Throughout the year these ladies will be partaking in various charity events.