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The London Tavern Great Barrel Race

August 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM

A beer barrel race in Poulner would be a first, but the idea of racing from the The London Tavern, around the block, arriving back at the Tavern is most definitely not a new idea.

Years ago there was an annual event doing just that, but instead of beer barrels local lads would compete carrying straw bales on their backs. It would seem that this old race died away, but landlord Roly Frost thought it would be a great idea to try and revive it, “ We were discussing it in the bar one evening and the idea just grew and grew and now we are inviting anybody to come along and have a go”.

The Tavern is renowned for raising large sums of money for various charity’s and this event is no different, all monies raised will go to Help for Heroes, the servicemen’s charity , and the whole event is sponsored by Ringwood Brewery.

So how will it work, again its over to Roly, “ we are inviting teams of four, both men and women to enter, they will go round the block in pairs and change over to the other team members when they have completed the circuit, and they too will complete the route, along with a 9 gallon barrel of ale, however the women will have an empty barrel. There will be prizes for the winners as well as best fancy dress”.If you want to put a team in then just contact the London Tavern on 01425 473819.

The Tavern is gearing up for a super day with lots going on to make it  a very special event .Sunday August the 24th is the day, the race will start at 11am, oh and by the way there are no mechanical aids in the race, just muscle , ingenuity and a little bit of fitness!!